Blog Tours 

Blog tours run between one to two weeks. However, if you want a longer tour that can also be arranged. Blog tours will consist of several stops on different blogs. Blog tours include interviews, guest posts, reviews and/or giveaways.

Cover Reveals 

Cover reveals run for one day. And the number of bloggers will depend on what the author and/or publisher would like.

Book Blitzes 

Book blitzes are another way to promote your book.* We typically post them on the book’s release day. Book blitzes can include book excerpts, teasers, and giveaways. Or any other way the author and/or publisher wishes to have their book promoted.

Review Opportunities 

Review opportunities are great if you have a book that is already published and you want to get more people to read your book. You will just have to provide an eBook copy of your book and we will send the bloggers’ reviews to you once they have finished reading your book.

Sensitivity & Beta Readers

If you have marginalized groups or certain cultures or religions in your book sensitivity readers are great way to make sure your book doesn’t have problematic representation. Beta readers will look over your book for plot consistency, characters development, and other things related to your book. Beta readers don’t look over grammar or spelling. We charge $250 for 50,000-100,000 words, the price will go up depending on the word count and/or the amount of readers you need.

*Rich in Variety mainly focuses on Young Adult and New Adult tours. However, we may consider your book if it has crossover appeal.