Upcoming Blog Tour + An Update

Hello Readers!

I know it’s been awhile since we’ve had blog tours and any news. I would like to apologize for that, when I first started this tour service I had really high hopes. I thought we would have tons of bloggers signing up and plenty of authors to promote, but sadly that hasn’t been the case. However, I believe we can still get back on track and continue to help marginalized authors and diverse books.

You may have already heard the news from our Twitter
account or from our newsletter I sent out earlier this week, but we have a new upcoming blog tour! Personally I am really excited to have a new blog tour coming up soon, I feel it will get us back on track.

The upcoming blog tour is for Starfish by Akemi Dawn Bowman. The book features a half-Japanese main character and the book overall sounds wonderful!

This tour also comes with a special note. On Twitter it’s been mentioned that diverse books should be going to the groups they represent. This is why I’ve decided with the author’s permission, to make sure that Japanese (multiracial or biracial) bloggers get priority, so that when they sign up for the tour they automatically get to be apart of it. I still encourage those who aren’t Japanese to sign up, but we really want bloggers who are represented to get a chance to read the book they’re represented in.

In addition to the new blog tour, I have also changed the way we email out news. We now have a newsletter, so we won’t be using the Google forms anymore. If you still want to receive news about blog tours or beta and/or sensitivity readings sign up for our newsletter!

Thank you all for reading and thanks for supporting our tour company!

BLOG TOUR SIGN-UP FORM (Starfish by Akemi Dawn Bowman)