Upcoming Blog Tour: Impure

We are excited to announce one of our upcoming tours! We hope that you’re interested in the following book!

About The Book


Author: Leah Vernon
Genres: Fantasy, Science Fiction, and Young Adult
Publication Date: July 21st, 2016
Publisher: Self-Published
Inclusion of Diversity: Features a biracial protagonist

Under the rule of a tyrant, Americans were divided by race and class. Hate and inequality reigned. Hispanics and Blacks had no choice but to overthrow the government and exterminate the Caucasian “Europe” race. The few Europes who managed to survive are now classified as Lower Residents and are used as slaves to rebuild the New America—The Southern Region.

Sixteen-year-old Saige, whose parents broke the “purity clause”, pays for their mistake far after their publicized executions. As an Impure, she now must escape the tyranny and sneak over the Border to freedom. Avi, who is destined to succeed her father as General, is conflicted by her loyalty to her authoritarian Elite family and her love for a Europe rebel. Leo, a Lower Resident worker who rebels believe God has sent, will lead them to salvation against the Union. These three teenage adversaries from different castes are forced to rely on one another to thwart a dictator’s plans for mass genocide.

And they’re about to start a revolution.

About The Author


Leah Vernon is a twenty-something African-American and a proud Muslim from Metro Detroit. She loves Sailor Moon and X-Men and always tries to incorporate mystical elements into her fictional worlds. Her main focus is bringing diversity to commercial YA/NA fiction. Well, because it’s needed. Badly. She also has a B.S. in management, an M.A. in creative writing/fiction, and an MFA in publishing from Wilkes University. When she isn’t writing or eating tasty foods, she’s modeling and tending to her body positive style blog.

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 If you are interested in the participating in the following blog tour, please fill out the form below.
    • Not everyone who signs up may get a spot on the tour.
    • A review copy will be provided for the bloggers via e-book format.
    • Blog tour dates will be sent out at a later date.
    • Only sign-up if you are genuinely interested in reading the book.

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